Fiber-Lok™ Material Types:
Application of Fiber-Lok™ Truss Systems

The Fiber-Lok™ Truss System provides design flexibility to the composite tooling industry. By utilizing the Truss System, 40% to 50% of a tool's closed surfaces, which may be unavoidable with eggcrate designs, are eliminated. This improves the cure cycle efficiencies over the life of the tool.

In addition, Truss structures are often times lighter weight than eggcrate or metallic structures. Therefore, tooling handling problems are reduced.

The wide variety of sizes of Truss Systems Components (Square Tubes, Columns, and Gussets) allow designers and tool makers to provide the appropriate amount of support where it is needed.

Northrop Grumman YF-23
Lay-up mold reinforcement
Gussets & Square Tubes
Fiber-Lok™ truss allow greatest thermal transfer to backside of tool to enhance cure profile
· Very efficient concept to minimize tooling labor and reduce tool material scrap
Bell Helicopter
Oven cycling assembly tool
Gussets and Square Tubes
Low CTE to match part construction
Open truss system allow excellent thermal transfer to part for bonding

Available in Graphite and Fiberglass - See Square Tubes, Columns, and Gussets

Laminates can be precut and delivered in kits.

Product Features

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